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You can efficiently oversee your school, college, or any educational institution using ClassSync. It’s completely free for a lifetime, without any restrictions.

Features Of School Management Software

ClassSync is a comprehensive and advanced school management software designed for all types of educational institutions. This versatile school management system caters to the needs of schools, colleges, universities, tuition centers, and training facilities. Our no-cost school management solution handles everything, from admissions to attendance tracking, and from exams to report cards generation.

One-time payment

ClassSync offers a school management software for a one-time payment, providing you with unrestricted access for life. There's no need for additional purchases; just sign up once.

Cloud Based Software

ClassSync is a no-cost school software that is available online 24/7, allowing you to access it from anywhere and at any time. Rest assured, we handle your data and backups for you.

Regular Updates & Support

We continually introduce new and impressive features to ensure our school administrative software remains unrivaled. Plus, we provide free around-the-clock online support for all users.

Responsive Web Design

Thanks to its responsive design, our free school management software is accessible on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers

Infographics & Animations

We employ infographics and animations to clarify students' reports and outcomes. Our no-cost school software provides you with optimized results.

Fast, Secure & Easy

We harness cutting-edge tools and technologies to construct this no-cost school software. It boasts exceptional speed, top-notch security, unwavering reliability, and user-friendly manageability.

Why Us?

What makes ClassSync stand out as the top-notch school management software?

Moreover, ClassSync is not just a fully online school management software; it offers a more extensive array of school management features than any other system available. And the story doesn’t end here; ClassSync is continually improving its features. You’ll receive automatic updates whenever a new feature becomes available in our no-cost school management software. Here are some key school management features

Manage User Roles

Separate Portals Available

Our school management system includes dedicated portals for each user role. There’s an admin portal with comprehensive control, separate portals for management staff, accountants, teachers, parents, and students.

Message System

Messaging and file sharing system

Engage in discussions and exchange ideas with fellow users using our messaging system. With this feature, you can engage in real-time chats with everyone connected to your institution.

SMS Alerts

SMS Services

Utilize our 100% functional SMS gateway application to send unlimited SMS alerts to mobile numbers. No longer do you need to purchase costly branded SMS services to send alerts to mobile phones.

Stay Mobile

Mobile Application

Get our mobile application by downloading and installing it to stay connected on your mobile device. Our mobile app is designed for all registered users, including administrators, teachers, accountants, management staff, parents, and students.

Live Class

Online live classes

Cease reliance on third-party apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams for your online classes. Opt for our highly potent and user-friendly platform for hosting your live online classes.

Desktop App

Desktop version for Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Acquire and set up our school management software on your computer with a minimal one-time payment.


Available In all Languages

Our school management software is available in multiple languages, allowing you to manage your educational institution in your preferred native language.

All Features in one place

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Institute Info

You have the ability to configure all your institute details, such as logo, name, and mission statement, which will be displayed on all printable documents and reports

Class Management
This school management software simplifies class management, covering everything from student records to subjects, courses, and grading.

Exams Management
eSkooly provides a comprehensive solution for handling exams, from creating new exams to generating final results, reports, and report cards.

Attendance System
Our free school software boasts an excellent online attendance tracking system for both students and staff members.

Fee Management

Our school software creates individual accounts for each student to efficiently manage their fees and outstanding dues. ClassSync handles everything automatically.

Tests Management
Effortlessly manage class tests with this free school management software, maintaining records of all class assessments.

Managing income, expenses, and staff salaries has never been easier. Our software streamlines these tasks for your convenience.

Printable Reports
You can easily print various reports and documents such as admission letters, fee slips, salary statements, job offers, and result cards, among others.

Happy Customers
“Amazing product! It simplifies school management tasks brilliantly.”
Happy Customers
“Exceptional product! It’s a game-changer for school management.”

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This product has truly streamlined our school management tasks. It’s easy to use. Highly recommended!
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User Friendly Software

“Experience the simplicity and ease of use with our user-friendly software.”
Easy Maintain
Simplify your administrative tasks with intuitive tools that make maintenance a breeze
Faster Performance
Enjoy lightning-speed operations and responsiveness for enhanced efficiency.
Easy Export Files
Seamlessly export your data and documents with just a few clicks.
User Customization
Tailor the software to your needs with customizable features for a personalized experience.

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